500 Words – Day 013 – Towards a Better Future for Humanity -500-

Along my journey to better understand how humanity can live to at least 120 years of age with a body that looks and feels no more than a healthy and robust 34, I continue to re-examine my core beliefs.

A foundation of those core beliefs is that my beliefs, no matter how well-formed, long used, or revered, will always be subject to change based on new information that comes to light which could improve the overall process, means, and methods by which I can attain my longevity goals.

You see, I am not concerned with the journey as much as I am the fruits of that journey, both along the way and at the end of the harvest where my elements ultimately rejoin the dust of the earth from where my elements once came.

I am a part of the Earth and in some sense an extension of it by an intelligence greater than my own that had a purpose in my utility to the greater overall goal which I understand to be the fullness of life that makes up organic life on Earth.

In my understanding, there is no individual outside of our unique role in the overall singularity of life on Earth, which in reality could be just another single living cellular structure in a vast network of living cells in a greater universe, multiverse, or even omniverse that we are yet to even understand that exists well beyond our field of dreams, much less vision.

And yet I lay my head down at night thinking of how we can live a longer, fuller life. Are my thoughts original? Likely not considering the billions and billions of people that live here on this biofilm we call Earth. Is there anyone that is 100% on the same thought path as I am? It is not likely, but I imagine there are many that are following at least part of that path with the same ferocity.

I imagine the world we live in as a grand, vast, and dense symphony of thought that contains many players that have similar goals as myself, yet we lack a greater director or conductor that could lead us to a more beautiful and harmonious thought process. What if someday there would come a time that an individual could rise up to become that great orchestrator of information to lead humanity back to a fullness of life before we rejoin the elements that gathered together to make us what we are?

I look forward to that day and sometimes even have a silly inkling that maybe I could be that person. But even if I am not, I will keep pushing forward knowing that someday it will happen. And considering our technological future that is racing ever faster towards a greater artificially intelligent world, it may be that a singular human may not be that great orchestrator, but simply a programmer that writes the code that sparks the great symphony that will lead us toward that better existence.